“Because of Mrs. Otto’s help, I have been able to significantly improve my writing.”
-Carroll Middle School Student

“Mrs. Otto has helped me so much! I am now able to write with more confident than ever before.”
-Carroll High School Student

“You’ve truly had a phenomenal impact on me and my education. The amount of just… THINGS I learned (I know, things is very general, but words cannot even begin to describe the various lessons I took from your class) that I continue to use and hold onto outmatches that of any other class.”
-Former Carroll High School Student


“Mrs. Otto is still our all-time favorite teacher in CISD. We are forever grateful for her care and help.”

“My daughter scored a 780 in Writing on her SAT test, and that is thanks to Mrs. Otto! My daughter didn’t miss a single multiple choice question, and that was due to Mrs. Otto’s efforts last year.”

“With Mrs. Otto as his tutor, my son has grown more confident in his writing. Mrs. Otto has been pivotal in my son’s development as a writer.”

“Mrs. Otto has the ‘it’ factor every parent wants in a teacher. She engages the kids at their level, makes them want to work hard for her, and motivates them with her sense of humor and encouragement, all the while teaching them what they need to know and more. My son’s writing ability and confidence have improved dramatically after working with Mrs. Otto.”

“I give Mrs. Otto full credit for being such an amazing teacher that she has taken my son, who avoids reading and writing, and in some magical way made that child into one who tells me that English is his favorite class. I attribute this to her skill at teaching and her ability to transfer some of her love and excitement for reading and writing to her students.”

“After reading the short story my son wrote with your guidance and feedback, I was blown away. It is a cut above any work that I ever did, including in college. It is so satisfying to see your children excel and I wanted to thank you for providing him the challenge and support he needed to grow. He’s a great kid and works hard, so he definitely earns the grades, but I am also quite confident in saying that he could not have achieved this level of writing without the environment and guidance that you have provided him.”

“I spoke with [my son] this week as he was going into an intense period of exams and papers. He got A’s on all of his papers and one professor actually read his introduction to the class. When I asked who could take credit for his successes, he said, ’Otto all the way!!!’”

“In a district like ours that has had a long history of high student performance on assessments, it would be easy for a teacher and a leader to rest on these laurels and enjoy past successes. This is not the path Karen Otto has chosen to take. She recognizes the potential our students have, and she works relentlessly to push them, scaffold their learning, and see to it that they rise to the high expectations she sets.”
-Carroll ISD English Language Arts Curriculum Director