Teach Out Loud

It’s time for educators to teach out loud. To have the courage to teach the way students learn. To have the courage to try new things. To have the courage to fight for their students.

Teaching out loud is powerful. For teachers. For your students. For the future.

Who is the modern teacher?

Modern teachers are a part of a community of readers, writers, and learners.  Modern teachers are reflective because they know that’s the only way to become better teachers. Modern teachers are honest about their strengths and weaknesses and know that there will always be something they could have done better.

Modern teachers know their teaching voice and soul, and are not afraid to let the world hear and see them.


Teaching Out Loud is a place for educators to find useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration to become a teacher in the modern world.

I created Teaching Out Loud to share my struggles, successes, knowledge, and experience in creating breakthroughs in learning for students of all ages. My aim is to offer digestible and actionable ideas that cover all of the areas that are important in modern education.